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An Introduction to Incremental Space Technology Global Development

  • IST operations are of a fundamentally global nature. Our craft will launch mainly on equatorially aligned orbits, from High Altitude Platforms which will be located at various positions around the equator. IST will be greatly concerned to use that airspace responsibly and to maintain good relations with the governments of the respective equatorial countries and with the international community in general. Similarly IST ground launch vehicles will use spaceports in near equatorial locations. In this instance we may not need to use locations all around the world, but we wish to offer our launch and in-space services as widely as possible, and IST will certainly be keen to develop spaceport facilities at any global location that has a definite requirement for such services. IST is a pragmatic forward looking organisation that is tolerant and understanding of people from all different backgrounds and traditions. All we ask is that any potential business customers and partners are reasonably tolerant themselves, and we will not deal with extremists or those who would seek to use IST services from any ulterior motive. For any enquiries on these issues please contact IST at the following address:

    IST intends to start soft-ride launches for 2 stage to orbit vehicles from non-equatorial spaceports within 5 years. These will be operated from redeveloped airfields near Edinburgh in Scotland and near Brisbane in Australia. At the moment the leading candidate for a site near Edinburgh is East Fortune airfield to the east of the city. The leading candidate near Brisbane, Australia is the Kooralbyn Valley airfield, located between Brisbane itself and the Gold Coast district. Both these locations are near major cities and have excellent access to recreational facilities for space tourists to enjoy during their preflight training program. The preflight training will probably take at least two weeks and all potential tourists must qualify for the flight by passing various physical and procedural assessments. All possible assistance will be given to help meet the required standards for space flight - which are not terribly demanding, but for their own safety, all space travellers must meet minimum standards of physical fitness and procedural awareness.

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